April 26, 2018

Another busy workshop tonight. Lots of focus on justifying unusual things in which resulted in some great scenes. Below are the scenes from 'Whose Line' which were the only ones I wrote down!

  • Drug Runners in Tiny Plane

  • Oooo Cheeky Milkman

  • "It wasnt me, Officer" "You Basta...

April 23, 2018

A full class tonight meant we did a lot of group activities in pairs (as pictured) so there were fewer scenes that I can record here.

  • Eskimos and Concrete

  • Wallpaper and Derelict Buildings

  • Sharks, Blancmanges and Beards

  • Snails, Bank Robberies and Fire

  • Pomegranotes and Morse...

April 16, 2018

Great turnout at DINGJAM 5 last week! Below are all the scenes in order of appearance...

Silent Explorer and Slave in the Desert

Post War Bridge Anniversary

First joust in 50 years

Insensitive Funeral Guest

Murder Investigation Curtains

Lawsuit is Hilarious



April 2, 2018

There were some pretty wacky scenes in this character workshop. All scenes starting with "I'm the kind of person who..."

  • Polite John

  • Ben Who Reads and Eats Backwards

  • Jane's Bananna Smoothie

  • Go Go Go Sam

  • Neon Based Life Forms

  • Gold Suited Entertainer

  • Coffee Bean Smugglers 

  • Wine...

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April 2, 2018

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