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Some people call improv "disposable theatre". It is often enjoyed in the moment and never seen again. You can record it, however, I personally always feel very removed watching a filmed improv show (unless it's a very high budget filming which is able to immerse you enough that you feel like you're there - though improv and high budget are words seldom seen together). What makes improv different is that it's being written, acted and directed live right in front of you - who wants to watch it when it's not?

I don't film scenes at Dingbats. This means, over time, they are often forgotten along with the lessons we learnt from performing or watching it. This is a damn shame. I want to remember these and I want you to remember these so you can tell your grandchildren about when you made a room of people laugh by playing a patient getting diagnosed with worried knees.

"I don't get it, Grandma."

"You had to be there."

Below is a list of all the scenes that were created at last night's Dingbats Improv workshop. They are for the people who attended that workshop (they will make very little sense to anyone else).

After each workshop and jam from now on I will post a similar list so in 30 years you can return to and reminisce saying "Ahh yes I remember that time I played an enchantment tutor delivering the news to my friend that his cat will probably die... what japes... what a lovely example of heigtening and emotional reaction... who was that scene with? Oh yes, he's on SNL now."

  • Snowball Fight Monologue

  • Masters Fees Monologue

  • Just Making Tea For Me Monologue

  • Tea Wrapped in Paper

  • Snow on Lap Monologue  

  • Prosthetic Pool Noodle

  • Chanting at 3am Monologue

  • Enchanting the Dying Cat

  • 1 Sock 3 Shoe Prophecy

  • Mother in Law Radiator Monologue

  • Fingers in the Gunshot Wound

  • Newlyweds Buying a TV

  • Sod's Law Volcano

  • Building Lego Spaceship Monologue

  • Foot Head Boy

  • Emotional Body Parts

  • Sat Down Guard

  • Laughing Gas at the Lego Factory

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