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We had our fourth improv jam last night. It were a reet belter. Thanks to everyone who helped out and a massive "well done, old boy" to the people new to improv who threw themselves onstage and created some cracking scenes!

For those of you who would like to remember the scenes you performed, here are a list of all the scenes from the jam (in no particular order)...

Blinding Blacksmiths

Son Sticks Pen in Brain

Banannabread in the Oven

3 Headed Eggspert

Oh, to be a Snail in New York

Pawn Shop Pandemonium 

Help! Slime!

Grandma's Spoon

I Love You, Drug Baron

Surgeons with Contrast

Blackmail at the Clinic

Smelly at the Park

Deformed Pony

Scared Game Characters

Daleks with Afros

Subway Man

In Holy Seas

Intense Jenga Tower

Return of Subway Man

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