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Great turnout at DINGJAM 5 last week! Below are all the scenes in order of appearance...

Silent Explorer and Slave in the Desert Post War Bridge Anniversary

First joust in 50 years

Insensitive Funeral Guest

Murder Investigation Curtains

Lawsuit is Hilarious

Alienologist Local Park Swings

Mining in the Mine Shaft

I am your Great Grandfather

Stabbing Self at Nasa Poking a Great White Shark

Liar Liar Pants on Fire Soup of the Day

Penguin and Polar Bear People


More Empathy for the Dog than his Spouse Discovered the Hot Feathered Platypus. Engraving on favourite fountain pen “a+b-c= what?”

Approach the stool as if approaching a lover, with caution but optimistic.

Digging for the Stolen Finances

Vole Brest in a Vol-au-Vent

Imagine fear is a Mouse

Frenchman to see Mr Big Ben Ted's Beautiful Daisy

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