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Code of Conduct


Dingbats Improv endeavour to make our classes, shows, retreats and social events as welcoming and supportive as possible. We also expect this behaviour of all participants, volunteers, teachers, and performers.



We will treat all participants with respect and we expect all participants to do the same to each other and anyone running or helping with our events. This includes:

  • Respecting each other’s boundaries.

  • Keeping physical contact safe and socially appropriate.

  • Zero tolerance on harassment or bullying of any kind.

  • Not being overly intoxicated which can ruin the experience for others.

As well as avoiding these more serious issues above, we ask that during our events you are mindful of each other and fair. We also ask that you:

  • Listen to others when they are speaking; this includes teachers, other participants and anyone helping at an event.

  • Please stay off your phone during the classes.

  • Arrive on time.

  • Allow everybody the opportunity to contribute equally.

  • Keep any participant to participant feedback positive.

  • Please use the chairs safely:

    • Chairs are there to let you sit down in improv scenes. All other objects in an improv scene can be mimed – it is difficult to mime sitting on a chair. For your own safety and the safety of others, do not stand on the chairs, do not use the chairs as a prop other than a seat, and do not lift the chairs up unless you are moving the chair to another spot for the purpose of sitting on it.

A Safe Space


  • We endeavour to reinforce that the Dingbats Improv events are a safe space where any idea, however silly or “wrong” is to be supported and celebrated. However, to also encourage an emotionally safe space we must take a stand against ideas that could disrespect, upset, or trigger another participant. We understand that nearly all the choices made in an improv scene, activity or game are from a good place, however, they may not always be perceived that way. Often the perception of theatrical improvisation is that everything we say is meant to be funny, therefore highlighting sensitive subjects, even if seriously or compassionately, can be perceived as derogatory or ridiculing so please make these choices intelligently and be respectful of each other. We aim to create a supportive and friendly environment so please avoid choices and actions in the scenes that could negate this.

  • We will do our best to ensure any scenes, activities, games or conversations that are clearly making someone feel uncomfortable are stopped. However, many of the activities in a class will be played in small groups without a teacher directly present. If something is making you uncomfortable or you see someone being made to feel uncomfortable, please speak up.



  • We also expect that everything outlined above is adhered to, not only during our in-person events, but outside of the classes and online where applicable.

  • Please obtain permission from other participants before taking screenshots of them.



If you are concerned you can contact All matters will be dealt with seriously, respectfully, and professionally.

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